E&E Theater Services, Inc.

  • Laser and Xenon Lighting Available
  • All Dome Sizes
  • 3-D Ready
  • 4K Resolution
  • Only Full Chip Dome Lens on the Market
  • Single Projection
  • DCI Security Compliant
  • Hollywood Ready
  • No System Royalties
  • Standard DCP Files
  • Alternative Content Ready
  • ​High Frame Rate Ready
  • ​Easy to Operate

Since the beginning of cinema, Mankind has strived to bring the immersive elements of the world to the big screen.  It began with black and white images followed by sound, color film, stereo sound, 5.1 sound, 3-D, 7.1 sound, bigger screens, moving seats, ect…

We forgot one simple thing; the world is round, not flat!  E&E Theater Services is proud to present our Digital Dome Solution.  Intergrading the latest digital technology we project cinema on a dome.  Mimicking your environment by filling your visual field with sharp clear images we offer immersion on a level never seen before in cinema.

Our system utilizes standard DCP cinema files, no time consuming rendering required.  If it can play on a flat screen it will run on our dome system.  No compromises, no drawbacks, you get an image that surrounds your patron and immerses them into the cinematic experience.  You may have seen it on a flat screen, now experience it on a dome!

With our system you pay NO system royalties.  Why purchase or lease a system that requires you to split the revenue.  Once purchased, you own the system.  Enjoy your rewards, stop spreading the wealth with corporations that only want to take your hard earned money.

Digital Dome is not limited to DCP cinema files.  It is alternative content ready.  You can view BluRay DVDs, computer presentations, digital cable/satellite and much more. The sky is the limit.  If you can get a digital signal we can play it.

We designed our lens with the latest technology from the ground up.  It is capable of transmitting full chip resolution.  Full chip resolution results in the highest resolution, better light levels and the best image projection possible.  Couple this with Laser or Xenon projection and you have a winning combination. 

Whether you want to refit your existing large format dome or build a new dome E&E Theater Services, Inc. is there to help with all phases of the project.  Currently E&E Theater Services already has digital domes in operation.

​Contact us today to learn how we can introduce you to the immersive world of digital dome cinema!